Small Towns on Display at The Art Emporium

The Art Emporium in Charleston will open an exhibition featuring Fayetteville, WV artist Ginger Danz on March 17, on view until April 11. Rustic Impressions: Scenes From a Small Town will feature recent works by Danz, including cityscapes and depictions of rural life. The show will be open during Charleston's first ArtWalk of the season, Thursday, March 19.

The colorful paintings in this exhibit aim to celebrate life in a small town. "€œMy intention behind this series is to highlight small town vignettes that mean something to me, the historic buildings, the familiar people and the beauty of a rural setting."

A few years ago I read that about 75% of West Virginians live in towns of fewer than 2,500 residents. Our strength is in our small towns and many of these towns are being revitalized by the arts and tourism. My own town of Fayetteville has so much charm and forward momentum, I wanted to convey that.” Danz has a hand in that momentum as Chair of the Fayetteville Arts Coalition, an organization dedicated to supporting and expanding the arts in the Fayetteville area.

When asked about her creative process, Danz says “I use acrylic paint, which dries quickly, so I tend to paint fairly fast and loose to try to capture the initial feeling that grabbed me about the scene without overworking the image too much.

Visitors to this show will be able to relate to the scenarios depicted in the artist's impressionistic pieces. “I think people are so rushed in their everyday lives, I hope they will appreciate a chance to experience scenes from a slower-paced life, a life more connected to community, history, and nature.


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