Allied Artists at Real Estate Central

Real Estate Centreal will feature four members of the Allied Artists of West Virginia during Sept. 17 ArtWalk.

Artists include:

Stephanie Ferrell, a rual American photographer from Charleston specializing in rural American photography. Her works are availale in both digital and 35 mm format.

Deborah Herndon, specizing in metallic photography. Her riveting images are original photograms shot in Europe and the U.S. of architectural details and articifacts that reflect old and new cultures. The speciality metalic printing process conveys a third dimension and color saturation to engage hte viewer and tell a story.

Betty McMullen, an award-winning painter who works in fiber art and oil painting. Ahe is a full time studio artist who paints a variety of subjects.

Terry Quentrill is a mixed media artist and acrylic painter. She studied the letter arts for more than 30 years and mixed media and acrylic is a fairly new venture. By combining the two, she creates art that visually and spiritually speaks to others.

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