Michael Teel at Art Emporium

This month Art Emporium will be featuring "Canaan to Charleston: Painting West Virginia by Michael Teel". Michael was born in Brooklyn, NY but both of his parents were from West Virginia, and the family moved back after his father died in a construction accident in 1963. He attended college at West Virginia State University and then went onto The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He has worked as a designer for 28 years for several small Advertising and Design firms and is currently the owner of Teel Design Group. Michael has a great wife of 21 years, 2 daughters that are still at home, and two grown children that are making their own mark in the world. He is now a grandfather six times over.

He is always looking for interesting patterns of light and color in the natural landscape or figure. Whether it’s a field of tall grasses, the shade of large tree, a reclining figure or a simple, ordinary still life, Michael is intrigued by the subtle variations in value and how those singular pieces of color come together to make an interesting composition. Drawing upon his experience as a graphic designer, he follows the creed of “Less is More” in his paintings, and conveys a mood or composes a scene with as little detail as possible. He enjoys the process of examining a potential painting and deciding what needs to stay and what needs to be removed to give the viewer a sense of design, not just a random “snapshot” of a particular location or space in time. His current work is focusing on the West Virginia landscape and the effect of social pressures our citizens face during this time of change in our country and state.

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