The Unauthorized Audubon: Art + Poetry at Taylor Books

During ArtWalk on June 23 at Taylor Books, checkout The Unauthorized Audubon: Art + Poetry by Laura B. DeLind and Anita Skeen. The Unauthorized Audubon began with friendship and feathers: a surprise block print, and a new poem in response. One gift led to another. Soon there were flocks of words and fowl stanzas, block prints nesting in mailboxes, cooing in pockets, and skittering under doors. The Unauthorized Audubon—which comprises a wall-mounted exhibition of 22 prints and poems and a published book—is a conversation in prints and poetry, a quirky and light-hearted coupling of creative expression between two Residential College in the Arts and Humanities faculty members on the Michigan State University campus, DeLind and Skeen, respectively.

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