Longing, Dreaming at The Art Store

The Art Store will present “Longing, Dreaming”, a solo exhibition of new graphite drawings by artist, Katherine Cox during ArtWalk Thursday, Sept. 15.

Cox, who is currently the Director of Education at the Huntington Museum of Art, has been working on the body of work for two years in her Ohio studio and it has an overall concept of longing and dreaming.

“This series of drawings started out addressing the idea of longing, wanting something else, something different, wanting what we don’t have. The desire for what we don’t have can be so intense we are willing to risk hazardous travels in attempt to get it,” Cox said.

Cox created a raft which symbolized this idea of traveling to a distant place. Then she started drawing the raft image and incorporated water, skies and clouds into her drawings. She says the only constant that sustained her during these ideas of travel was placing her pencil to paper.

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