Lindsey Webb at Delfine's Jewelry

Delfine's Jewelry will be featuring artist Lindsey Webb for June's ArtWalk. From cheesy coasters to framed mirrors, most beer cap pieces are a far cry from what one would call "fine art". They're more like a Pinterest project gone horribly wrong. Lindsey was determined not to do that. Lindsey's pieces are not about beer (although the caps are a fun medium to hunt down and secure). Lindsey's pieces are about the process of optical color mixing, and color theory. All while using the basic pointalism style. The way that simple colors, when placed together, create new colors. Value and depth can be achieved from a proper viewing distance and this to the artist is an amazing study to embark on. All of the colors add up from each cap and interact with each other revealing a subject in the end. The artist's pieces combine her appreciation of high quality craft beers with her ongoing love affair for fine art, and what else could be better than that?

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