David Eugene Frazier at Viking Construction

Constant evolution and a workmanlike dedication to mastering new techniques are the driving force behind the art of self taught Appalachian abstract impressionist David Eugene Frazier; yet he found himself a painter almost by accident. He explains, “I was a musician, but when I came to Charleston, West Virginia, I found myself among a community of artists. I wanted to participate in that form of creative expression.” This spirit of experimentation has informed his work ever since. In January 2017 he set a goal for himself to produce 200 paintings within the year. Just shy of a six month span, he has created nearly that many works in the PAREIDOLIA series.

His unique style often incorporates the use watered acrylics to create vibrant watercolor-like washes, hidden figures, and pieces that can be turned and viewed from different orientations to reveal entirely new tableaux. Of his work he says, “For me, the pleasure is in making the art. Then I want it to go live with someone else.”

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