Angel Amores Walsh showing at the Clay Center POP UP Exhibit

The Clay Center is partnering with Riggs Commercial Reality to bring you unexpected art experiences in a variety of downtown locations. This month we are exhibiting at 205 Capitol Street with a show by Angel Amores Walsh. She is a rising artist and writer currently living in Charleston, working at the Clay Center, Uncork & Create, and Old Colony Realtors. She is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, with dual degrees in Studio Art and Creative Writing. Angel's work focuses on identity, process, morality, and mortality. She uses paintings and 2D art as a vehicle to explore the binaries and to find grounding in reality.

"Retrograde" - This is a retrospective collection over three years of several bodies of work I have created. Some of which include: "Tell Constantine," "Sunoy," and "Rememory:2014." Created mostly with oil paint, I experiment with process and material. – Angel Amores Walsh


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