House of Luxe Consignment Boutique Featuring it's Grand Opening

We will be featuring our grand opening for ArtWalk, Thursday, September 21. The House of Luxe is expanding to include high-end consignments making the Quarrier Street Boutique an ideal site for both buyers and sellers of designer fashion and accessories. Clients can offload designer clothing and accessories to accumulate spare cash. Cash-strapped bargain seekers and affluent trophy hunters alike can pare their closets, earning 50 percent of the boutique's selling price. Not only are your items for sale in-store, they are listed across multiple sites ensuring the largest possible audience for a sure sell. Resale shoppers pay roughly a quarter to a third of the original market value of still-coveted items.

The boutique will continue its sales of fur outerwear, including the popular sheared mink reversible, stoles, jackets, capes, and fur-trimmed accessories. The store is also the state’s only full-service furrier, offering on-site climate controlled fur storage, fur cleaning and conditioning, fur repairs and restyles, and relines and coat monogramming.

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