Phyle: Art Auction being held at Romano Gallery

Romano Gallery will be hosting Phyle: Art Auction during October's ArtWalk. This show has been organized by local artists in support of our fellow artist and friend Regina Perry who is currently battling a medical condition that has placed her in ICU. All proceeds from this show will be donated to her in order to help with medical bills and hopefully, a stress-free recovery. Artists currently participating are; Paula Clendenin, Reidun Ovrebo, Jeff Pierson, Rob Cleland, Todd Griffith, Laura Alvis, Randy Yoho, Gregg Oxley, Heidi Richardson , Vasilia Scouras, Katheryne Popp, Leslie Bragg, Jules Fox, Brandy Conrad, Susie Stephens, Anthony Young, Olivia Holstein, Jon Anthony, Kaye Ellis, Naomi Bays, Jessica McClanahan, Gilbert Vega, JoeAnn Crawford, Allison Dittlebrand, Lou “Pheonix” Perkins, Rosetta Smith, Hannah Watters, Sharon McClanahan, Chuck Nunley, Wesley Eary, and Sharon Golightly.

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