Multiple Artists showing at Capitol Center Offices

We will be showing the following artists at December’s ArtWalk.

Blake Wheeler: Blake graduated from West Virginia State University in 2006 with a B.A. in fine art. He prefers traditional painting techniques and applies them to his personal fine art work, as well as freelance illustration. Blake's paintings involve places and characters inspired by his childhood, popular culture, and 1950s aesthetics.

Johnny Carter: Johnny was born and raised in Elkview, West Virginia and is currently living in Charleston. His chosen medium is acrylic paint and acrylic markers. Johnny is most known for his tiki art which was featured in a national publication of Tiki Magazine and loves doing abstract and some realism from ocean life.

Tiffany and Jazmine Aliff: Tiffany’s photography is inspired by everyday life as ‘poetry in pictures’. She works with images and words as self-expression and to capture moments of beauty and humanity. Her daughter, Jazmine Aliff, is a senior in high school. Jazmine is exploring different mediums, including clay, plaster, ink, and paint to create images of sentient beings and express philosophies with her art. She won the congressional art contest in West Virginia and plans to attend university next year.

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