Artist Maddie Wymer and musicians Three's Company Blues at Swiftwater General Store

Our artist this month will be Maddie Wymer. "I am originally from Charleston, WV. I grew up around people who always inspired me to paint because they were always painting or doing crafty things. I remember being at my Aunt Lisa’s house one day when the WVU football game was on and I chose to paint a picture of my first dog and her new dog. That is where it started for me, I could paint all the time if I could. It makes me feel good and helps me figure out how I’m feeling. So I guess you could say it is therapeutic. I never really thought it could turn into something that other people liked seeing because I always kept my paintings to myself. Turns out people love seeing my artwork and it makes me happy when I give pieces to my friends and they love it as much as I do."

Our musicians this month will be Three's Company Blues. Three's Company Blues is a blues trio made up of Ryan Wright and Shane Alan Durham of No Pretty Pictures and Katie Ann of Gypsy Rhythm.

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