Debi Ellis showing at Property Elite

The whimsical world of The Pink Chucks Studio is the creation of Debi Ellis, a 50-something lover of chucks (especially high tops) and everything pink. She creates one-of-a-kind art designed to bring a smile to your face and a lightness to your heart. Her emphasis is on inspiring girls and women of all ages.

She creates mixed media works with vintage lace, fabrics and paper, acrylic paints, inks and objects she finds on the side of the road (yes, that was me in your trash pile). Debi loves to dabble in encaustic (wax) collages as well, and oftentimes, will use actual photographs in her work to personalize it.

As a branch to the creative artwork, she will gladly lead a group in a project designed especially for them. For instance, they could make an altered book journal or a piece of canvas work. Debi guarantees after one of her workshops, you will leave with something to be proud of, courage to continue creating and a face hurting from laughing so much. She has led workshops at the Charleston Public library, various churches and held weekend art retreats. Debi doesn’t do boring! Feel free to ask about scheduling a workshop for "your people"!

Debi says, “Art is valuable. It is valuable to who makes it, to the person who owns it, but most of all, to the soul it speaks to. My prices are kept low, not because I do not value what I do, but because I want everyone to be able to afford art. There will be several pieces available for purchase at ArtWalk along with bundles of Happy Thought cards.”

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