Rock City Cake Company hosting a musician and artist during ArtWalk.

Mark Caldwell , "Entrenous, " is originally from the Charleston Area. Since returning to his roots three years ago he's been playing and singing around West Virginia. This a welcome return to Art Walk. He's a "piano man" and somewhat of a classic rocker." Come hear his take on some of your favorites as well as some of his originals.Feel free to sing along!

Jayde Akers, a self-taught artist, was born and raised in Long Island New York. Her parents noticed her inclination towards art, specifically drawing, at a young age. She has drawn ever since she was a little girl and has picked up painting about 7 years ago. At the age of 15, Jayde was sponsored to take art classes under Chad Andrews in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for one year. It was there that she honed her skill of pencil sketching. Though drawing is where she started, she has fallen in love with painting because of its appearance of complexity yet it's secret simplicity of bringing shapes together to create something beautiful. Jayde Akers now resides with her husband Caleb in South Charleston, WV where she creates her artwork in a studio called Home.

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