The Art Store showing "Everything's Fine" Exhibit

"Everything's fine" has come to Charleston to support the REACH Program through The Counseling Connection. REACH is dedicated to providing professional, compassionate care to survivors of sexual violence. The Goal of REACH is working toward creating a community in which sexual violence is no longer tolerated. A portion of the proceeds from sales made during this exhibit will benefit this non-profit program servicing the communities of Charleston and Ripley, WV.

Allora McCullough’s, ceramic sculpture installations present life-sized human and animal figures in subtle narratives that instigate discussions of uncomfortable topics. She is actively transforming gallery spaces to become catalysts for these conversations. Her current project, Everything’s fine, addresses the sad truth of domestic and sexual violence in the United States. It is a traveling exhibit that raises awareness and funds for women’s shelters across the country.

One hundred porcelain cups are for sale, one in every four are glazed red, denoting the statistic that one in four girls will be sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday. The cups provide a visual representation for the frequency of the larger sculpture scene, a young girl in a moment of distress. Several guardian animals surround her for protection. This is an installation grows and changes every time it is seen. Allora sculpts a new guardian animal for the circle each time this installation is exhibited. As the installation grows, the animals create a record of the people committed to protecting vulnerable members of their communities. Eventually the young girl will be completely surrounded by guardians, therefore making her safe.

Allora is a resident of Huntington, West Virginia and studied at Marshall University.

The Show will run until August 30, 2018.

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