Romano & Associates showing photographer Eric Douglas

“Blue and White: Photographs printed by the sun” Blue and White is a series of sunlight prints of underwater and topside photographs by Eric Douglas.

Sunlight printing, also known as cyanotype, is an original photographic printing technique first used around 1839. Cyanotypes are made by mixing two chemicals (ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferricyanide) and treating paper, cloth or canvas, making it sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Exposure to sunlight turns the chemical blue while whatever is shaded stays white. Early naturalists used the technique to capture images of flowers by placing the plant directly onto the paper.

Douglas creates contact negatives of his photographs and then prints them by placing the negative directly against the treated paper and setting it in the sun. The prints take anywhere from five to 10 minutes for full exposure. The printing process stops when the image is washed in water.

Each print is hand prepared, making each one unique.

Eric Douglas began his photographic career shooting black and white film and making prints in a darkroom in the mid-1980s. Printing Cyanotypes allows him to make new prints in the old style but be outside when he does it. Eric Douglas is a photographer and scuba diver. He has been making sunlight prints of his photos since 2011.

He has also written nearly 20 books, both fiction and nonfiction. Douglas will be signing copies of his latest novel Water Crisis: Day Zero, released July 31, 2018, during Art Walk.

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