3D/2D New works by DutchHammer and Katherine Kadish showing for ArtWalk

The Art Store: This month we will have our new exhibit 3D/2D New works by DutchHammer and Katherine Kadish showing for ArtWalk.

New three-dimensional and two-dimensional works by award winning artists DutchHammer and Katherine Kadish will be exhibited at The Art Store, kicking off the season. 3D/2D opens on Saturday, September 15 at 6:00 pm. Beginning at 6:30 pm, the artists will give a talk, followed by a reception in their honor. The public is invited to join us for the opening.

Chris Dutch and Robin Hammer aka DutchHammer have worked collaboratively for over 20 years producing elaborate and colorful mixed media sculpture, furniture and architectural installations. Dutch, working in glass, wood and metal and Hammer, a painter and woodworker. They also continue to work and exhibit individually.

The DutchHammer work for the 3D/2D exhibition continues to emphasize color and the juxtaposition of disparate materials: paint, glass, wood grain, wire and hardware. They continue to invent their own versions of bugs, aquatic creatures, humanoids and furniture. They have used reclaimed and recycled wood and cannibalized parts from old sculpture. On the whole the pieces have gotten a bit smaller in scale over the years, but they still like to highlight the architectural and structural qualities of the work, letting the joints and joinery become part of the design.

Katherine’s paintings in the 3D/2D exhibition have been inspired by gardens, in particular, her own garden outside Yellow Springs, Ohio which she has designed and tended. It reflects laziness on her part and attention to what grows easily and what the deer won’t eat! She loves flowers but has had to rely more on perennials and that has caused her to pay much more attention to varieties of green and a range of shape and texture. She doesn’t draw from the garden but looks at it daily and it follows her into the studio. Gardens are symbols of larger nature: weather, wind, season and the place where the human can shape nature, to some extent.

Monotypes have been a large part of her work since 1979. Amongst print making media, they are the closest thing to painting, and in her case, are really a painting transfer from color laid on plexiglass transferred to paper by means of an etching press. All of the monotypes in this exhibition were made in collaboration with Master Printer Lisa Mackie in New York City. They are all spontaneously produced when she enters the studio; not sketched or designed in advance then transferred to the plate. Both the paintings and monotypes are born of her excitement about color relationships and accidental happenings on the canvas or the plate.

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