Mary B showing at WV Market Gallery

Mary B is a mixed media artist born and raised in Charleston, WV where she currently resides and creates. Born into a creative family, Mary was exposed to many different forms of art and music from an early age which has helped influence her in her current works.

Mainly working with fluid acrylics since 2016, Mary’s works are guided by the emotional connection to color and shape. Starting first with canvas and the popular “dirty pour” technique (and a never ending desire to learn more), she began experimenting with styles, techniques, and substrates. Repurposing everyday objects such as soda bottles, strainers, and vinyl records helped expand the look and feel of her works. Never wanting to waste an ounce of paint, or chance at creativity, Mary recently began using the dried, leftover paints for an ever-growing line of “wearable art” pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Though self-taught, Mary has been greatly influenced and mentored by a number of wonderful artists in the Charleston area. The support from such a kind and generous community helps motivate her to keep learning and expanding her craft.

Mary B’s works can be viewed online at and

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