Christybomb's Googly-Eyed in Wonderland at The Art Store

Googly-Eyed in Wonderland opens October 20, 2018 at The Art Store.

New works by Christybomb will be exhibited at The Art Store, beginning Saturday, October 20 at 6:00 pm. At 6:30 pm the artist will give a talk, followed by a reception in her honor. The public is invited to join us for the opening.

Christy Lee, better known as Christybomb, is a visual artist based out of New York City and Charleston, West Virginia. The “Christybomb" moniker was given to her by her friends because of the energy and vivaciousness embodied within her art. She was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

‘Googly-Eyed in Wonderland’ draws on elements of an autobiographical nostalgia stemming from happiness, innocence and youthful fantasies of her childhood, like Hello Kitty, Candy Land, Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka. The works presented strive to create a whimsical wonderland of fine art, with forms, skulls, and magical creatures that, while complex and layered, are familiar and approachable.

The majority of the works in this show contain the craft googly eye. The eye is one of the most powerful symbols known to many cultures. It can be an indicator of good, evil, protection, wisdom, mystery and secrecy. Traditionally, eyes are thought to be the gateway into the soul. Looking someone in the eye is a western custom of honesty. In today’s zeitgeist, social media is more powerful than ever, pushing the notion that the eye can also represent surveillance. Paparazzi and celebrity are everywhere. The googly eye is Christybomb’s way of tackling the idea of surveillance as we see it. Indeed, the googly eye not only reminds us of these things, but also aims to create a playful transcendence of cheerful days gone by.

Her art practice consists of creating circus-like mosaics that are textural, colorful, bright and bold—electric kaleidoscopes of layers, colors and materials—radiating heat, excitement and vitality. In doing so, the “elevation of the everyday,” with ingredients that are largely playful, frivolous or even throwaway in nature, is the method. The resulting artworks depict wild and rollicking visual playgrounds, reactions to the mundanities of life, for our viewing enjoyment, exploration and adventure.

One of the more significant accomplishments of Christybomb’s formal education was bringing glitter and other craft materials to academia, and exhibiting them in academic spaces. Her art practice has developed in such a way that she now pulls from her scientific background, self-taught art training, as well as from her academic, traditional artist education. She says that it is the marriage of these aspects of her background and personality that have resulted in her unconventional style.

The Art Store is located in the Downtown Charleston at 233 Hale Street. Hours are Tuesday – Friday 10-5:30; Saturday 10-5. For further information please call 304-345-1038 or visit us online at Christybomb’s website is

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