Lazarus Restoration at WV Market Gallery

We will be showing the husband and wife team of Pete and Chris Knapp who started Lazarus Restoration in March 2015 after what began as a hobby for Chris quickly caught the attention of friends and family. Chris’ exceptional talent with refinishing or repainting furniture is in high demand for clients that either want to preserve a family heirloom, or customers that would like a new or fresh updated look for their existing furniture.

Pete enjoys taking old furniture that is beyond repair or refinishing, and repurposing it into a new use altogether, which invariably ends up with Chris to put the finishing touches on it. Turning dressers into benches and wine bars, or windows and doors into tables, are some of his favorite projects. With the help of Chris’ father Lou Raneri, they created a unique line of lamps that incorporate reclaimed wood, found items, black pipe, and usually a USB outlet/charger. Both Pete and Lou, have made nearly 100 different lamps combined over the past several years.

When not raising their two sons in Morgantown, they enjoy traveling together to search for new furniture project pieces, or items that they can turn into unique black pipe lamps. You can find more information at, on Facebook, on Instagram at, or Pinterest at

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