Sarah Tedrow showing at AIA WV Sponsored by Pickering Associates

We will be showing the works of Sarah Tedrow this month. Sarah began drawing at a young age, pouring over how-to books and drawing what she loved – animals, particularly horses. She drove her parent’s crazy drawing and reading. After high school, Sarah joined the Air Force. She stopped drawing for a long time, putting that part of her mind on the back burner. Eventually allowing that side to come forth again she started drawing; Sarah does commission work more than anything else but do work on some of my own things as well.

Sarah focuses on detail and the eyes that draw you in are her specialty. She always says “the eyes are the window to the soul” and if she can capture that “look” then she is happy with a piece. She wants something that truly memorializes the subject, something that will show the personality of the animal and that shows their true nature shining through.

Sarah starts with a picture, most of the time pictures that she has taken herself. She decides what part to start on and then break the picture down into each detail. The first hour she will sketch out and then she starts to create. Hour one she may draw an ear or a nose. Once Sarah starts a drawing and it starts to flow she finds it hard to stop and has been known to draw for over 5 hours in a day and go well into the night. Sarah loves it though and there are days where she feels the need to just be at her desk working on a drawing. She says “It’s such a great feeling once it’s complete.”

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