Gallery Eleven showing remodeled gallery and artist Jerre Watkins.

Grand Open House at Gallery Eleven 1035 Quarrier Street during March Art Walk from 5:00 to 8:00. Newly remodeled and ready for your visit.

Featured artist will be award winning Contemporary Watercolor Realist Jerre Watkins. Jerre, is a prominent Charleston artist whose work exhibits her personal perception of the exquisite color and design found in nature. Stop by the gallery to meet the artist and see her latest work.

A native of Oklahoma, Jerre Watkins has a background in interior design. She entered the field of fine art in l981. Since then, she has studied with many nationally known artists. She completed her MA degree in painting at Marshall University in 1995. Her artworks have won numerous awards and hang in many collections in West Virginia and other states.

Her paintings and photography are usually inspired by nature with a strong emphasis on composition and design. Using her photographs as references, Watkins does a contour drawing of shapes focusing on including and sometimes exaggerating the complex variation nature has to offer. The painting process often begins with abstract underpaintings and an arbitrary and creative selection of color. The entire process is aimed at communicating a personal statement of the artist’s feeling for the spirit of nature.

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