Romano Gallery featuring Jamie Ferguson

We will be showing the works of Jamie Ferguson. Jamie grew up in Charleston and has been making art for nearly 15 years in some capacity or another. She has never had any professional art training and has always found joy in figuring her own way out of achieving her artistic vision. Jamie approachs art from different perspectives, one of her favorite being the reinterpretation of works of art from various points of history in a modern context. She enjoys the resulting sense of disjointedness. She also enjoys experimenting with various media forms, seeing the experiment as the art itself. Jamie guesses she would describe herself as self-taught as she have no degree or formal training. Jamie started painting at around the age of twenty two, with an interest in abstract and neo expressionism such as Pollock, de Kooning and Basquiat. That was about thirteen years ago. Over the past three years or so she has refocused her art in its current direction.

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