Two Artists showing at Riggs Commercial Realty

We are going to have 2 artists for ArtWalk at 225 Hale Street. One is 4th Grader, Dashanti Kimberly and her mother Leeshia Lee.

Dashanti Kimberly is a 9 year old artist who believes that art is the key to keeping the world happy. She is in the 4th grade at Edgewood Elementary. Shanti has been drawing and painting since she was 4 years old. She will launch her series entitled The Universal Slime Collection on 3.21.2109.

Leeshia Lee is former radio personality, who recently wrote a book on her iPhone and self-published it. The book was produced over the summer into a stage play with FRAS ENTERPRISE using an all local cast from the Kanawha County area.

The book is about growing up in one of Charleston, West Virginia’s roughest housing projects “The Woo” when drugs first hit. With no budget or funding she did everything herself to get the book published. The goal was to show the kids in my community that anything is possible no matter where you come from and that second chances start every day. This is a story about becoming more than a statistic and not accepting no for an answer when it comes to your dreams. The main focus of the sequel to my new book is to showcase that hard work and effort will allow you to overcome any situation.

Leeshia was recently awarded the Champion of Charleston for her work and Senator Manchin declared Based On A Woo Story an Urban Masterpiece.

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