George Snyder featured at The Art Store

“Loop De Loop”, the new exhibition by George Snyder features Snyder’s latest works “Urchins” and some of his hidden gems, work not seen in years and never shown at The Art Store. Those earlier works were mostly created near the arid beaches of Florida for over two decades and the later, new works were created in his isolated West Virginia mountain studio.

The energy of his work could not be realized without painstaking mastery. He works in acrylic paint, applied in masked layer after layer to achieve the rich, jewel like depths of color. Color contrast, color bleeds, the spectrum energized - flows easily within each work.

George Frederick Snyder was born in 1951 in Charleston, West Virginia. While studying pre-law at Marshall University, an art elective changed the course of his life. Graduating with full honors as an art major in 1973, George recieved a fellowship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to pursue his studies. He graduated with a Masters Degree of Fine Arts in 1976.

George is a recognized innovator in the use of acrylic paint. Both collectors and galleries see it. He has had over 50 solo exhibitions of paintings and sculptures in cities stretching from Boston to Los Angeles and from Chicago to Miami. His art hangs in the permanent collections of General Electric, Federal Express and UpJohn Corporation, as well as in the private collections of Peter Nero, Andre Agassi, Jack Palance and Dennis Rodman.

George’s new exhibit runs from April 6 to May 11, 2019. The exhibit opens April 6 at 6:00 pm with an artist talk at 6:30. The public is invited.

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