Uncork & Create showing Jon Becks and a Painting Sale

We will be showing the paintings of Jon Becks.

Jon says, “Prior to a couple of years ago, my experience with art was limited to a second grade fingerpainting resembling bacon. My recreational pursuits for decades involved higher energy activities like basketball and cycling, but also a deep appreciation for good music and reverence for delicious food. I didn’t cultivate a love for visual art due to impatience and misperceptions of what was out there.

After about a year and a half of symptoms I was diagnosed with ALS in September of 2016. I was unable to continue working as a physical therapist beyond May 2017, and exercise beyond gentle stretching became counterproductive. My lovely wife set me up with table, easel, and brushes. I remember being pleasantly surprised how much cooler Michael’s was than I recalled as I left loaded down with acrylic paints and canvasses.

My experimentation phase began immediately and continues to this day. Abstract is more my style than still life. As hand weakness and limited motor control become more significant, brushwork has given way to acrylic pour techniques. I have learned plenty from YouTube videos, and always have three or four new ideas percolating. My favorites so far have been the collaborations with family members.

I am neither a skilled nor accomplished artist, but I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity to remain active and throw some colors or images out there for others to ponder. Enjoy the day, and the beauty you find within it!”

AND, Once again we are having our Annual AMAZING Painting Sale!! All canvas paintings only $10 for ONE night only!! Cash only.

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