Chuck Nunley at Mountain State Distillery

This month we will be showing the work of Chuck Nunley.

“I was introduced to comic books at the age of five and we were all sitting around trying to draw like those guys by that evening. I carried this with me to the present day. I started doing airbrush in the early 90’s, doing backdrops for bands in Charlotte, NC. I continued doing airbrush when I returned to WV but I began a professional wrestling career as Spyder Crowley, one half of the tag team The Urban Death Squad and the art only helped me as far as facepaint went. I began airbrushing again when the wrestling career started to cool off and in late 2014 I decided to try other forms of art as airbrush had begun to wear on my nerves, constantly doing what others wanted me to paint and never really fulfilling what I, myself, wanted to do. I started doing acrylic abstracts and found success and moved into pop art and then into watercolors. I decided to use what little success I had been experiencing to benefit the community around me that had been ravaged by drugs and a suffering economy. I took up the spray paint street art to show that anyone could use what was around them to create.

Today I do 2 live shows a week (weather permitting), Friday nights in Smithers, WV and Saturdays in Montgomery, WV both from 5pm til midnight. I do not charge large sums for any of my paintings regardless of time, effort, or talent put into them because I believe everyone should own a piece of original art. If I get one kid to choose art over drugs then I've been successful. The creation of something is a far better drug than anything man has engineered in any laboratory and it lasts a lifetime.

I'm also the founder and chairman of the UKV CREATIVE ARTS GROUP and I will be organizing urban sketching events this year in the upper Kanawha valley, said Chuck Nunley.”

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