Dada artist Max and Mountaineer Montesorri at Rock City Cake Company

May 9, 2019

Dada artist Max rada dada tells ALL about one of the largest cameras in the world, the Giant 20 x 24 Polaroid camera. Come by and SEE Max's Polaroid Pop-Up exhibition of Dada photographs and his Vintage collection of Art hankies.


Also the Mountaineer Montesorri students will be showing these pieces:


The Lower Elementary will be using one of those  wooden clocks in the shape of the state of West Virginia as a back ground for a mosaic. Each of the kids will decorate a stamp game tile and they will decorate the clock with these painted pieces.  


The Upper Elementary group 1 kids will be weaving colorful circles out of yarn and assembling them into a bright abstract rectangular art piece.


The Upper Elementary group 2 are making movable kinetic sculptures that have movable parts which swing around on a structure.  


Middle school will make a photo mosaic out of pictures created from different poses the kids will devise.  They can then sell copies of the original poster.  


Primary 2 (little ones) will make a mosaic out of a glass window frame with decorated stones attached with grout and sealant.  




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