Dada artist Max and Mountaineer Montesorri at Rock City Cake Company

Dada artist Max rada dada tells ALL about one of the largest cameras in the world, the Giant 20 x 24 Polaroid camera. Come by and SEE Max's Polaroid Pop-Up exhibition of Dada photographs and his Vintage collection of Art hankies.

Also the Mountaineer Montesorri students will be showing these pieces:

The Lower Elementary will be using one of those wooden clocks in the shape of the state of West Virginia as a back ground for a mosaic. Each of the kids will decorate a stamp game tile and they will decorate the clock with these painted pieces.

The Upper Elementary group 1 kids will be weaving colorful circles out of yarn and assembling them into a bright abstract rectangular art piece.

The Upper Elementary group 2 are making movable kinetic sculptures that have movable parts which swing around on a structure.

Middle school will make a photo mosaic out of pictures created from different poses the kids will devise. They can then sell copies of the original poster.

Primary 2 (little ones) will make a mosaic out of a glass window frame with decorated stones attached with grout and sealant.

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